Our Story

"Blessed in our Journey of Faith, our Mission is to Know Christ, Grow in Christ, and Show Christ to the World!"

Faith began as a mission plant of Zion Lutheran Church in 1929. The people of Faith reached out to their neighbors in what was, at that time, the northeast edge of Sioux Falls, just a few blocks south of the John Morrell plant. Faith's original worship space was a Spanish-style chapel with a Lutheran school in the basement.

Faith grew quickly as rural Midwesterners moved to Sioux Falls seeking work after the stock market crash. The congregation grew to include 520 baptized members by 1938. The congregation continued to grow steadily throughout the 20th century. By the 1960s, a new facility was needed. The congregation opted to remain in the same location at 4th and Cliff. In 1969, Faith dedicated its new facility with three "pods": the sanctuary, a fellowship/Sunday school hall, and an office space. 

Faith is an original member of the Sioux Falls Lutheran School association, which began in 1977.  With the growth in Brandon, SD, Faith helped plant a new congregation in that community, Blessed Redeemer Lutheran Church, in the early 1990s.  After the arrival of Senior Pastor, Scott Sailer, Faith embarked on its third building project in 2001: adapting the 1960s sanctuary, adding a Christian Life Center/gymnasium, as well as several classrooms, conference rooms, offices, and a nursery. Faith's growth has continued over the past decade and a half. At this time, Faith is blessed with 830 baptized members.

In its recent history, Faith was assigned two vicars (seminary student interns) from 2010-2012. In 2012, Faith called its first fulltime assistant pastor, former vicar, Kory Janneke. The  congregation also began some facility renovations in the summer of 2014, adding a "Welcome Center" to the entryway as well as a new design scheme throughout much of the facility. 

April 13, 2015 was another historic date for Faith, the date on which Pastor Sailer was eleced as President of the South Dakota District of the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod.  Pastor Sailer became President Sailer on June 14, 2015. Pastor Janneke was called as Faith's Associate Pastor in December of 2015.  Pastor Corey Aker was installed as Senior Pastor on August 14, 2016. Pastor Aker formerly served St. Paul Lutheran Church in Paducah, KY. In 2019, Pastor Janneke accepted a call to serve as sole pastor of St. Matthew Lutheran Church in Warrens, WI.

As we move into a new decade of 2020 as God's faithful people of Faith, the faces in the pews and pulpit may change, but the pure gifts of God's Grace through Jesus Christ remains the same. God is still writing the story of Faith Lutheran Church, and under His direction, we look forward to all the chapters yet to come! Faith has been a stable presence in a diverse and changing neighborhood of our city.  Today we are blessed with many neighbors who are new to this community and country.  As we move forward in faith, we aspire to continue growing as a presence for good in our local community, and, above all, to keep sharing the grace, mercy, and peace of Christ.